Lloyds One Stop

Moreland Hose has helped me almost daily for the last 15+ years.  As a mobile repair company, I am dealing with customers and there broken equipment.  With the help of the guys at Moreland Hose, they can quickly make up new hoses and fittings to get my customers equipment up and running.  It still amazes me how quickly they get me in and out and how they can tell me what kind of equipment I am working on based on the hoses and fittings I bring in.  Simply The Best!!


Mean Street

As a custom car builder I am always in need of difficult to find items to finish my projects.  Moreland Hose has been a valuable resource to me for over 30 years.  They are always able to get me out of a difficult spot and allow me to keep my customers happy by providing me with high quality components in a timely manner.   They have a huge selection of AN fittings and braided hoses.  They also can lathe, braze, and machine something when what I need doesn’t exist.

Greg Pinto

Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

Our company has conducted business with Moreland Hose for over 25 years.  They are responsive to customer needs and do not hesitate to lend support when requested.  I would recommend Bill Delmore and his crew to anyone where fluid power components, assemblies and support hardware are required.  They do an excellent job.

Joe and John

Thrift Way Auto Body / Chassis Works

Moreland Hose helps us with all of the hoses we need for the cars we build.  Nitrous, fuel, clutch, power steering, brakes, etc.   They have all the braided stainless steel hose and the anodized aluminum fittings in stock.  They also carry Aeromotive fuel pumps and regulators.  They’re always getting me out of a jam.  


Zebra Environmental

The guys at Moreland Hose always come through for me!  I’m always asking for odd-ball stuff and if they don’t have it in stock, which they usually do, they almost always have it the next day for me.  They are my first source for any hose and fittings I need.  Dealing with conveying multiple chemicals, Moreland Hose has become an invaluable resource with making sure I get the right hose for my application.


Truck & Bus Stop

Moreland Hose has been helping me with all of my hose and fitting needs for years.  My business is in Brooklyn and I drive past at least 2 other hose shops on my way to Moreland because I know Moreland Hose will have the right item at the right price on the first try.  The guys there treat me nicely and they save my day every time I go.  They get me going on everything from a pressure washer hose to my transmission, oil, brake, and fuel lines on my buses.  They even have the refrigerant hoses that I always have difficulty finding.  Thanks Moreland!!